Old Ireland Vintage Print


Old Ireland Vintage Print
Mixed media illustration by award-winning artist Richie Delaney

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Old Ireland Vintage Print Inspired from Archival Photo’s

Old Ireland Vintage Print

Ireland was part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain from 1801 to 1922.  Ireland experienced considerable difficulties in the 19th century, especially the Great Famine of the 1840s. This led to a population decline that continued for almost a century.

The late 19th and early 20th centuries saw a campaign for Irish Home Rule. Legislation enabling Irish Home Rule was eventually passed with armed opposition from Irish Unionists and in 1918 moderate Irish nationalism had been eclipsed by militant republican separatism. 1919 war broke out between republican separatists and British Government forces. Subsequent negotiations between Sinn Féin, the major Irish party, and the UK government led to the signing of the Anglo-Irish Treaty, which resulted in five-sixths of Ireland withdrawing from the United Kingdom.

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The Artist

For me its all about the colour splash, the composition will take care of itself. Being creative is a habit. I guess to some extent I’m a visual thinker. Putting my own personality and stamp on work I produce is meaningful. You don’t have to be a fabulous artist to make a big impact with your art. I make a living as a painter and get most of my ideas in the artworld from people who do other things!

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